About me

Mmmm, who am I? The truth that I can be quite difficult to describe, but we will start saying: I remember that I was born one morning in January in 86, I do not remember if it was raining or a sunny day, I imagine it would be a happy and happy day, at least for the rest of my family. My mother did not think I would have a great time after being waiting for 8 hours.

Since I was a kid I loved computers. It all started when my father showed up one afternoon with a computer he had bought at work, an IBM 286. Those computers, with soft disks, impossible to transport today comfortably, but at that time was the maximum! With 8 years I was fascinated with all the wonders that could offer me. I spent the dead hours trying and trying; writing on that black screen that many, at present, do not know what it is and what it is for. There was no Windows, there were no windows or anything that we know today, they were all letters and black.

With the passage of time and the arrival of the internet at home, imagination and computerization took over me. It was a time of animated GIFs, AltaVista as a search engine and scrapbook to program. By then I started creating websites, the internet had a lot to offer me. I learned and learned, spent hours on the computer researching and learning new things, Java Script, html … it was amazing!

What I did could be seen by anyone anywhere in the world!

With 16 – 17 years, after a few courses offered in my town hall, I was willing to take the leap, it was what I liked and what I wanted to dedicate, but my life took a sudden turn, I had to pivot and to work. I put myself in charge, along with my brother, of the company that my father had created, the two together, we took care of everything.

At the age of 18, you see yourself running a company, with personnel under your charge, organizing projects and talking to clients. I must admit that it was a tough stage, but thanks to my brother and my mother we went ahead and improved! I applied my knowledge on the company’s website and started to see what digital marketing could offer us.

We made the company grow, we improved services and personnel. Everything went great until we touched the real estate crisis and the construction. Again I had to swing … Luckily, there was still time to do what I wanted, to continue studying and to continue training. Since then I have not stopped one day of striving and dedicating myself to the day I like the most.

And then the triathlon came to my life …

One day, without thinking … I started running, just as Forrest Gump started, with one difference, I had to have dinner at home every day. Little by little my life was evolving to what it is today. A combination of Work, training, sports, family and friends.

The triathlon has changed me, it has made me strong and safe. There is no other way to successfully face all the challenges that I have prepared and overcome, such as “Powerade Madrid Lisboa NON STOP”. A 3-day test, from Madrid to Lisbon NON STOP, more than 750 km by bike. Or like in 2015 when I finished my first IROMAN. Can you imagine swimming 4 km in the sea, then 180 km by bike and to finish running a marathon?

I am proud of the life that I have created for myself, I am happy. I do not have to hide it and although it seems that it is frowned upon, I have to admit that I am happy. Doing what I do and how I do it.

Steve Jobs always said:

“If you wake up for 3 days, you look in the mirror and you think that you do not like what you have to do that day … it’s time to make a change”